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Edson International

Edson International is a coating and printing ink company located in Vietnam, with easy access to all major markets and within easy shipping distance from all global suppliers. We are an integral part of a large group of companies with production facilities in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and China. With more than 30 years of uninterrupted grow, Edson has devel- oped extensive markets covering the whole of South and East Asia, parts of Middle East and is now rapidly expanding into Europe and Russia.

Samix Color

SAMIXCOLOR is a company with a many years experience in the production of inks for rotogravure and flexographic applications as well as of concentrated pastes.

Some years ago we started producing chips (predispersed pigments) as well, enriching our production range and bringing further advantage also to the producion of inks.

Advanced manufacturing plants and considerable flexibility make it possible for our company to satify any possible requirements quickly and attentively.

Thanks to first-hand experience, developed by our technichians on printing plants, we can better focus on the requirements of our customers, and give our advice for any problems or requests for information which may arise.

MW Lak Solutions

MW LAK Solutions, was formed as a Eurasian Consortium of existing can coatings through cross shareholdings based in Asia and Europe. Our presence in many markets is our strength in understanding different customer needs and to provide flexible solutions.